Window Cleaning

Since 2003 we have serviced our customer’s homes and their windows. We will address your concerns, expectations and all your questions. We will walk your property we count the windows and explain the differences between single hung, double hung, fixed, grid windows along with other types of windows. We service all types of windows available in the market today.


Services we perform:

Our six step window cleaning process


First Step

removing the screen, examining its integrity and give feedback if there are concerns. Florida weather  affects the life of the screen and the material dry rots due to the extreme temperatures leading to insects, lizards and unwanted pests traveling indoors. The local hardware store offers rescreening at a fair price. The frames tend to last much longer so a rescreen can be more economically sound.


Second Step

we will gently wet rub the heavy debris such as dirt, dead bugs and other solids that tend to attach themselves to a window during a stormy day or a breezy afternoon. 


Third Step

we will take a closer look at the glass to see if there is hard water staining that needs to be removed with a compound made to remove these types of issues.


Fourth Step

we will inspect the rubber seals for dry rotting and advise you of problems.


Fifth Step

we will use a microfiber cloth with a scrub pad for an aggressive cleaning.


Sixth Step

we will squeegee the glass, wipe down the frame and replace the screen into its proper position.

All Done!

Following these steps will help ensures proper maintance and cleaning of the window for an outstanding professional streak free look!

Ask about our Recurring Services

If you’d like your windows clean throughout the year, we are available to return to your property at your request year round. We offer yearly, quarterly, bi monthly and monthly services. You may only require outside windows for recurring cleaning or you may want both inside and out cleaned. Either way, we will accommodate your wishes. Most importantly, the frequency of our returns to your property will lead to a price adjustment on our end. The more we return the more we can discount. In some cases that can lead up to a 30% discount off your original price!!!

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  • All employees  have legal status and hold legal U.S. residence. 
  • All employees will arrive to you property properly dressed in clean a neat uniform. 
  • All employees  are supervised by a team leader who will check for and is responsible for providing professional service and quality control of each property we visit. 
  • Ponte Vedra Cleaning Services is licensed and insured 
  • If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied we will return promptly to your home to correct any complications or concerns.