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Welcome to our Pressure Washing division! Since 2003 our professionally trained technicians have been serving Ponte Vedra and Northeast Florida. The humidity and heat in our region cause mold, mildew and algae (red, green, and black) to grow on roofs, overhangs, walls, vinyl siding, porches, lanais, pool decks, screened in patios, sidewalks driveways and curbs. Not only is this unattractive but also it causes premature damage by absorbing heat and light causing a breakdown in the chemical properties of shingles, siding, paint and even stucco by embedding itself in porous areas causing expansion and cracking. Your property can be your most important investment, protect it with our pressure washing services today by calling for a free estimate and schedule an appointment. We will explain all the steps and procedures that are involved in the project as we walk the property. We will answer all your questions and discuss with you a plan of action to clean your property.

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Pressure Washing Services We Provide

Roof mold over time can become detrimental to your home. Allow us to explain, not only how the fungus changes the color of your investment but how dark saprophyte causes the physical shingles to soften and break down due to the absorption of radiant heat which in turn traps and retains heat in the attic area of the home. In addition, this spore producing organism will cause mold run off. When it rains the mold as well as the shingle matter that breaks down will run off the roof line and soffits and cause a dark drip stain pattern along gutters and flashing. Sometimes, if unattended, it will prematurely cause damage on the painted area leading to a repaint!

While cleaning all roofs we use a soft spraying chemical/soap tip nozzle. This nozzle has a large oval orifice hole which disperses a spray pattern that is wider and lighter than a garden hose. The chemical is applied multiple times depending on how soiled the roof is. The chemical tip is retained throughout the cleaning process, especially during the fresh water washout procedure (no chemical soap is used in the water stream). This process removes the chemical residue and dead fungus from your roof and use of a light pattern spray avoids any further grit removal from the shingle. The granules found on the shingle are used to maintain the shingles shape and protection as well as reflecting the sun’s UV rays. Although manufactures state that granule loss is normal during rain fall, we do not believe in speeding up the process with water pressure any stronger that what the chemical tip provides.

When complete, the roofs’ color and cleanliness will once again be restored bringing an extended life to your expensive investment. We will be happy to provide you with a quote upon your request!

Our first step in the process of cleaning your exterior is to apply our cleaning solution soap bath with a soft spraying soap tip. Afterwards, we soak the soffits, overhangs and walls using our cleaning wands with an adjustable ball valve attached. This enables us to meter and adjust the amount of pressure that exits the wands tip. This is the safest way to use a pressure washer. Using a ball valve gives you complete control over the water stream and the job. We use special care around your windows, screens and screened in patios. At the end of our fresh water washout, we will always walk the perimeter to make sure the quality of our work exceeds your expectations!!

When we wash your hard surface areas we will provide you with a professional job using our hydro scrubbers. The backbone to a beautifully clean view of your concrete flooring, the hydro scrubber removes the dirt and mold from the concrete in a even wide circular pattern giving the pressure washed area a “bright renewed clean” look. Many folks try to use a wand to clean those areas, however, it gives a pencil line look to the flooring which is unprofessional and unpleasing to the eye. We are able to hydro scrub concrete, cool deck, pavers and other hard surfaces.

Cleaning your screened in enclosure will remove mold and mildew from the metal frame and the green algae that forms on the screens and the flooring. Again, we will use our metered ball valve wands to have a complete control of the water stream. We used a 110 degree tip on our wands when cleaning your screened enclosures. A flat 110 degree pattern is extremely wide which provides very soft water stream on your screens. We always take care to treat your property with respect!

If you are interested it having the wood around your property cleaned form mold and mildew we can accommodate your needs. With the use of the adjustable ball valve wands we can meter the water stream to prevent damage to the wood and at the same time cleaning it to its original clean look. Giving your property the professional craftsmanship it deserves.

Driveways, along with your sidewalks and walkways can benefit greatly by using hydro scrubbers to clean their surfaces. The use of this type of professional equipment can bring a clean beautiful look back to those surfaces that have been covered by mold and mildew. Other chemicals such as a number of automotive stains may be addressed as well depending on how long the stain has had time to set. Concrete is very porous, as a result some older stains may be tough to remove; we can address your concerns at the time of your consultation with us. We are able to clean those curbs that run along the perimeter of your property. After a proper scrubbing we will leave your neighbors comparing their curbs to yours wondering how yours became so clean!!

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Ponte Vedra Cleaning Services has been providing professional services to our since 2003. We respect you, your home and your residence and want to give you the best of what we have to offer. When you use Ponte Vedra Cleaning Services, know that we will give the type of service you would expect from a professional full service cleaning company!!!

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